Information brochures

Here you will find various information brochures that you can download

Prenatal brochures

Information about the NIPT test.
Tijdstempel: 06-02-2022
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Information about the anomaly scans at 13 and 20 weeks
Tijdstempel: 06-02-2022
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information and advice about pregnancy and delivery.
Tijdstempel: 10-02-2020
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22 week vaccination against whooping cough.pdf
Protect your baby against whooping cough and get the 22-week vaccination
Tijdstempel: 10-02-2020
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What can I do to not get infections.pdf
What can you do to prevent infections during your pregnancy
Tijdstempel: 10-02-2020
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Feeling your baby move.pdf
Brochure explaining how to recognize the movement pattern of your baby during your pregnancy and what you should do if your baby moves less or differently.
Tijdstempel: 10-02-2020
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Breech presentation and external version.pdf
Brochure that describes what it means when the baby is in breech presentation and how the baby can be turned in a head down position.
Tijdstempel: 10-02-2020
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Brochures about the delivery and post partum period

How to prepare for birth.pdf
Information about what happens during the delivery and how you can prepare.
Tijdstempel: 10-02-2020
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The birth of your baby. How do you deal with pain.pdf
Folder that describes all kinds of ways to relieve the pain during delivery. With and without medication. At home and in the hospital.
Tijdstempel: 10-02-2020
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Breastfeeding Amsterdam 2020.pdf
Information about lactation specialists, rental of breast pumps and mother & baby cafe's in Amsterdam
Tijdstempel: 10-02-2020
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